Greetings, brave soul!

This project is in 'beta', meaning your support in helping me identify problems is greatly appreciated.

Please send all feedback, questions, and bugs to

What's this map for?

My Future Self may try to automatically 'geotag' some of your journal entries on a world map to indicate either:

  • where you were when you wrote a diary entry, or
  • the place you were writing about in your entry.

The reason your entries are geotagged is to make it possible for you explore your diary entries as pushpins on a map. For example, it should be possible to selectively read what you wrote when you traveled to a certain country. (Mapping features are still in development.)

Q: What if the map location for my entry is wrong?
A: No surprise there! My Future Self gets map coordinates wrong all the time. For the time being, please just ignore incorrect geolocations. Later on there will be a fun and efficient way for you to correct mislocated entries if you like.

Q: How does the automatic tagging work?
A: It depends. Sometimes your IP address is used to try to figure out where your computer connection was coming from when you wrote an entry. Other times, if you mention a city or country in your diary entry, My Future Self may attach your entry to that location.

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