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Frequently Asked Questions about email

Q: Can I include attachments when I send emails to My Future Self?

A: Absolutely. You can send images, videos, or audio files up to 8MB in size. This is a great way to add depth to your journal entries.

Q: Help! Emails from My Future Self are going into my spam / junk folder...

A: Some mail service providers (e.g. Gmail) will mistake questions for spam. To make sure you always receive messages from My Future Self, add to your address book or 'whitelist'. Click here for instructions.

Q: What does it mean that my response will be locked in a "Time Capsule" for ___ years?

A: This is how you email yourself in the future. An email that is stored in a "Time Capsule" cannot be read until the designated time period has elapsed. When that time arrives, your email will be sent back to you – that is, to your future self – as a message from the past, from your present self...

Q: Why should I include dates or ages in my stories?

A: If you are kind enough to include some very obvious hints as to when a story took place, the system will try to automatically organize your stories on a life timeline. If your stories are incorrectly placed in time, you'll have an opportunity to manually adjust the dates yourself.

Here are some examples of 'dates' that can be extracted from your emails:

Q: How do I stop receiving these emails? Or how do I elect to receive them less frequently?

A: Visit your settings page where you can set your email frequency or turn off email questions altogether.

Q: Can I send a mail to myself in the future on a particular day, for example May 15, 2018?

A: To send yourself emails with a specific delivery date, check out