Greetings, brave soul!

This project is in 'beta', meaning your support in helping me identify problems is greatly appreciated.

Please send all feedback, questions, and bugs to

What's This Spinning Orb of Words?

My Future Self automatically tries to 'tag' your journal entries.

There are three sets of tags you can explore:
People, Places, and Etcetera.

The more often a particular tag is found within your journal, the larger the size of the text.

Click any tag to show journal entries that include that tag.

Q: What if some of the tags are wrong?
A: My Future Self regularly makes mistakes when identifying and organizing these tags -- for example, categorizing 'Louisiana' as a person, or tagging 'Mr. Biggles' as a place. I'm working on a way so that you can correct these tags and provide feedback so the system can improve itself.

Tag Cloud Special thanks to 'tag canvas' which powers this visualization feature.